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So you’ve had a real estate agent in the past that has posted pictures and videos of your property on social media, but you didn’t receive much traction. So, what happened? Why hasn’t your property sold? The first reason is the market. Depending on the type of property, how it is priced, and other comparable options available on the market, all these factors will play a role in impacting the sale of your property; regardless of the marketing strategy that an agent may have implemented. Although we have experienced a record level of sales within Saskatchewan since the start of COVID-19 pandemic, there have also been many properties that have experienced little-to-no activity throughout the same time frame. Understanding market demand and having an agent who can clearly explain the relevant information impacting your property will help you set expectations that are realistic. In real estate, no two properties are the same (although some are very similar), therefore, do not compare the success (or days on the market of your property) to that of your family, friends, or neighbour’s property. Rather, trust a real estate agent who is providing guidance based on the market conditions that are impacting properties like yours. Although social media is a fixture in modern society, many individuals do not know how to utilize social media to generate sales and leads for businesses. Just like anyone can take a picture with their phone, only a few talented photographers can use their phone to optimize the quality of that picture; the same can be said about using social media regarding real estate. Most agents post content in hopes of getting likes and to say that they are using social media to promote their listings; reality is that many of these posts go unnoticed and do very little to garner exposure to their listings. Worse, some agents do not put the time and effort to create high quality content that will make your property standout from other comparable options and garner the interest of potential buyers. So why is social media relevant to real estate?

Social media, if utilized correctly, provides a platform for an agent to reach thousands of potential buyers within a targeted demographic. The challenge is that many agents do not possess the knowledge and tools to effectively market your property throughout digital mediums. By knowing how to leverage digital advertising, as opposed to using social media, an agent can create significant exposure to your property; much like a business does to sell their products. So, let me ask you this; if you wanted to sell your home, would you only want a few hundred views to your property, or would you prefer reaching several thousand potential buyers? If you are looking to buy or sell your home, don't hesitate to contact me today to see how I can help you with all your real estate needs. Contact information:

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