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The Main Reason To Hire A Real Estate Agent

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

With technology making things easier to learn and do, how many times have you by-passed using a professional to be able to do-it-yourself? No need to be shy, as I am guilty of it more than you would think. YouTube was the way that I taught myself how to become an expert user in Microsoft Office, or how to edit videos using Premiere Pro and After Effects, or to learn tricks as a teen when I played soccer. I am the type of person to learn to do something by watching a video and then mastering it; however, there are certain things that I will never be a do-it-yourselfer with, one being real estate.

Before being licensed I explored putting my home on the market, one of the options that I explored was listing my property on my own. I am certified in Google Ads and Social Media Marketing that I would have gotten the exposure I would have wanted. I can produce my drone content and photography that I would have gotten the quality I needed. I also had nearly a decade of real estate experience that would have given me the assurance that I knew what I was doing. However, I chose against listing my property on my own and I am glad I did.

Just like any profession, there are good and bad real estate agents, or realtors, in any market. It is the bad agents, coupled with the emergence of the do-it-yourself mindset, that has led homeowners to explore buying and selling real estate on their own. Albeit my profession involving buying and selling real estate, from the perspective of a non-licensed homeowner, I would highly suggest against selling and buying your own home. Your home is the biggest investment you own, and it is the most significant purchase that most people make in their lifetimes.

Let me use a real-world example that isn’t real estate-related so this blog post doesn’t seem biased. Growing up I was very athletic and played all different types of sports. When I was 15, I suffered a significant injury during a soccer game that left my ankle hanging by a thread (literally). I went to a physiotherapist who gave me a set of exercises and a recovery schedule. Yet at 15 years old, 3-4 months to recover seemed like the end of the world. So, I took the advice given to me by my physio and then escalated my regiment to the point that I was cleared to play after 4 weeks (an impressive feat, but one that I’ve grown to regret). To this day, my ankle never healed properly. I can still function and be active, but it is not without weakness and pain. I recently suffered a torn hip labrum, as well several other injuries that compounded, that it wasn’t until I visited a physio that I was able to get adequate results. I started in August with a do-it-yourself mentality by using my PowerDot, stretching, and RICE; anything and everything I could find online for rehab to get better, but my hip was still sore and weak. The pain lingered for so long that I was worried that I would never be able to be active again. My do-it-myself mentality almost cost me the chance to play golf this summer. Luckily, I decided to go see a physio and the rehab process has given me much better results than my own diagnosis had done over the previous 8 months.

By no means am I opposed to the do-it-yourself mentality, as there are times when it makes sense. Other times, such as your health, financials, and real estate; the importance of each decision is significant that it makes sense to put your trust in a professional who is willing to put your needs first while providing you with expert guidance to help you reach your desired wants and goals. If you were asked to take a gamble with $500,000 that could potentially negatively impact the future of yourself and your family, would you take that risk? Or would you rather trust a professional to ensure that you and your loved ones were well taken care of throughout the process? Contact information:

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