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Convert showings into offers

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

You have had your home on the market for several months and have held several showings, but have yet to receive any offers; what could be happening? Let us look at a few tips that will help you convert showings into offers.

1. Asking Price.

Settling on an asking price is ultimately decided by the homeowners, but a knowledge and trusted agent should provide reliable advice to competitively price a property. An over-priced property will scare away potential buyers, while an under-priced property may raise concerns or leave money on the table.

Although no two properties are the same, a competent agent should provide homeowners with relevant information to determine a competitive price point. Prior to listing a property, agents should provide homeowners with comparable options currently listed on the market, as well as recent sales regarding similar properties. Furthermore, if a property remains listed on the market, it is vital that an agent continually evaluate the ever-changing market conditions.

2. Upgrade; but don’t overdo it.

Making sure that a property is in sell-able condition is vital to converting viewings into offers. A fresh coat of paint, fixing leaky faucets, replacing cabinets and outdated handles are all improvements that can garner the interest of potential buyers. More importantly, these upgrades are inexpensive and are likely to be recovered once the property sells. Going overboard with expensive makeovers may inflate the price point of the property and price out potential buyers who are exploring similar properties.

If you aren’t confident in your abilities to undertake the required improvements for your home, make sure you hire a reliable Service Provider. Don’t know where to start? Apps like Omnee are great for connecting homeowners with reliable Service Providers.

3. The only impression is the first impression.

A properly marketed property will include professional photography and video tours. Before a buyer walks into a home, they have already created an opinion of what they are expecting from your property. In the past, the first impression started the moment that a buyer walked through the front door; in the modern real estate world, that first impression may have been created on a buyer’s phone, tablet, or computer.

Look to hire an agent that prioritizes the quality of pictures and videos of your property. Furthermore, look for an agent who will generate the maximize exposure to your property through digital advertising. There is only one first impression, make sure that your listing agent is not only providing a professional first impression, but is also leveraging digital mediums so your property can be seen by potential buyers.

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