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A Social Media Post or Digital Ad?

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Social media and digital advertising have evolved the way one can grow their business; unfortunately, many people are unaware of what they need to do to optimize their use of social media. If I gave you two options: the first, a social media account with 20K followers and an average of 2K likes, or a social media account with 100 followers with 200K weekly impressions and 2 potential leads per day; which would you choose? Most business-people would choose the latter, yet, by how they run their social media platforms it is evident that they are posting for followers and likes; as opposed to impressions and leads.

The main problem is that most people encounter is that they think because they made a post on social media that they have created a digital advertisement; real estate agents are quite guilty of this. Many real estate agents are unfamiliar with how to properly use social media, that they believe that by sharing a link to their property that they are instantly going to generate leads.

A social media post is anything that you want to show up on your feed and want to generate organic traction with. As a realtor, it can be a picture of one of your listings, but it can also be a picture of you and your family enjoying a holiday, or a golf outing with colleagues. A digital advertisement is content used to drive a call-to-action; this can be a post of a property that re-directs the viewer to a dedicated website of a property. Sometimes these posts do not appear on an individual’s social feed, as they are created with the sole intention of lead generation.

So what is the difference? The most basic way to differentiate the two is to look at it like this; if you have $10K to spend on a billboard, what type of content would you create? This is the type of content that would best constitute what a digital advertisement would be. Something eye catchy, trendy, and with a visible call-to-action to help you grow your business. Tip: hitting the promote button on a selfie with you and your buddies on the golf course may not reach the advertisement goals that you hope to obtain.

In my real estate masterclass, I teach you how to create digital ads that compliment your organic content. Furthermore, we explore how to properly promote content through various platforms in a cost-effective way to get the most for your marketing budget.

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