Alvi Campos

Saskatoon Real Estate Expert.


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Alvi Campos; MBA, BA. Econ

I started working in the Saskatoon real estate sector in 2011. I had just recently graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with an undergraduate degree in Economics. For the following decade, I spent my time learning the sector and analyzing the trends within North America and applying those concepts to the real estate sector within Saskatchewan.

Throughout my journey, I spotted an opportunity to help individuals with their needs. With the sector continuously evolving, I believe that I have the perfect skills set to constantly adapt to provide my clients with timely and effective solutions to maximize the potential of their real estate decisions.

I am not looking to sell you a house or lease you a bay in a retail strip; I am looking to help you find the perfect home for you and your family or the ideal location for you to open your business. I am looking to maximize every marketing decision to ensure that your property is showcased to potential buyers or tenants.

Every real estate decision involves a significant process that requires expert guidance, relevant market information, and a desire to care about the success of your clients. Every client should expect the best regarding the service they receive from their real estate agent; that calibre of service is what I deliver to every single one of my clients.

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C: (306) 716 - 2774